Celebrating 10 Years Anniversary



24th October 2008 – The first edition of MBA in Strategy, Programme and Project Management with a concept of three specializations to choose:

  • Strategic Management in Programs and Projects

  • Sports Management

  • Healthcare Management


  • 1st run of the specialization: MBA in Sports Management


  • Lecture of the Nobel Prize winner – prof. Oliver E. Williamson

  • MBA Programme in the international Master Eduniversal ranking, taking third place in the Egineering and Project Management specialization category.

  • MBA in „Perspektywy” magazine ranking : Top 19 of Polish MBA Programmes


  • MBA in „Perspektywy” magazine ranking : top 15 of Polish MBA Programmes

  • The Programme received 4 Stars in the Master Eduniversal ranking and was upgraded to the highest category

  • MBA in Sports Management classified as 44 in TOP World 50 of the Master Eduniversal ranking


  • MBA in „Perspektywy” magazine ranking : top 12 of Polish MBA Programmes


  • Creation of conference brand: Competitive Education. It covers Open Eye Economy and Economy/Culture/Values conferences.

  • Conference Economy/Culture/Values – “In search of values”

  • MBA in „Perspektywy” magazine ranking : top 9 of Polish MBA Programmes. In the category “Rank and Prestige of the Program” – took the second place in Poland.

MBA GUT has received for the 1st time the prestigious international

AMBA accreditation



AMBA Accreditation


  • Conference Economy/Culture/Values – “How much is enough?”

  • Scientific conference with participation of Professor Lord Robert Skidelsky with the speech titled: “Keynes’s General Theory after 80 years“.

  • MBA in „Perspektywy” magazine ranking : Top 10 of Polish MBA Programmes


  • Conference: Firm-Idea: real challenges, intangible values

    Conference was a part of preparation for Open Eyes Economy Summit 2017. Organized on the initiative of the Advisory Board of the Faculty of Management and Economics. Lawyers, economists, business practitioners and scientists exchanged experiences and views on new management concepts.

  • Signing the Diversity Charter Programme

  • MBA programme received title “Business Master 2016” in the category Education awarded by “Businessman” magazine

  • MBA in top 10 Polish MBA according to the ranking revealed in “Forbes” magazine

  • Article – interview in “Harvard Business Review Polska” by the MBA director about managing diversity in higher education


  • Conference Competitive Education – “University Idea. Digital Transformation”

During the conference was power speech „How making Future Generations Future – Proof by investing in Creativity and Curiosity” by Alain Heureux for Brussels Creative and Creative Ring as well as Oxford-Style debate with motion: “Higher education prepares students for living in a non-existent world” with participant of prominent personalities from the business and education.

  • 4th Gdańsk Marathon with two MBA relay teams

Two relay teams composed of students, alumni and staff of the GUT MBA Pro-gramme participated in the marathon. This is testimony to the extraordinary bonds that are established during the studies and which strengthen after the graduation

  • Intel and GUT MBA in Strategy, Programme and Project Management have been shortlisted to the final 4 for MBA Employer and Business School Partnership Award.

  • 1st place for the best MBA programme in northern Poland

According to the ranking developed by the educational monthly Perspektywy, entitled: “The best MBA programmes in Poland 2018“, our MBA programme is the best in the northern part of Poland.

  • The 1st MBA’s Creative Evenings

Regular and interactive meeting of MBA’s alumni and lecturers. It provides opportunities for the participants to share insights, to acquire new knowledge from the presentation as well as network their experiences.

  • IMBA [International MBA in Strategy, Programme and Project Management] has received the prestigious international AMBA accreditation

For the second time the Programme has received accreditation for the maximum possible duration of 5 years, ranking the programme among the best to be granted such distinction, and at the same time validating its compliance with the highest standards of the quality of education offered.



MBA Programme Office

Faculty of Management and Economics, Gdańsk University of Technology
Traugutta Street 79, room 404
80-233 Gdańsk, Poland
phone: +48 58 348 63 55
phone: +48 517 849 332
e-mail: mba@pg.edu.pl


MBA Director

PhD Beata Krawczyk-Bryłka
phone: +48 58 348 61 75
e-mail: mbadirector@pg.edu.pl



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