MBA Education for Sustainable Development Model

Our MBA ambition is to develop influential leaders and entrepreneurs who are competent and brave to impact the ecosystems they operate in and propose solutions that consider the principles of sustainability.

3I model (Inform, Inspire, Involve) presents the fundamental elements of the International MBA’s approach and activities concerning sustainable development.


Knowledge is an essential element of business attitudes that we want to develop following the assumptions of sustainable development. We want our students and graduates to be aware of our planet’s current threats and have the opportunity to share experiences and learn about solutions that allow us to look optimistically into the future.

Example actions:

MBA Modules

Sustainable development content is present in most of the International MBA modules; whether they relate to strategy, operational process improvement, or organizational human capital management, we encourage MBA lecturers to include SDG elements in their outlines.

Faces of Sustainable Management

In 2021, the new module: Faces of sustainable management, was implemented (for the 14th cohort) as the element of the Foundations Pillar. The module aims to raise students’ awareness of sustainable development and develop competencies for creating business value based on respecting the principles of sustainable development and business ethics.

Climate Leaders

In 2021, the guest speaker during the Inauguration ceremony of the 14th cohort was Anna Desogus – Founder of Circular Together, a circular economy & zero waste trainer. The lecture’s title was: “Do you have what it takes to make your company a climate leader?”

Sustainable energy

May 2022 During the Graduation Ceremony of XI and XII MBA cohorts there, a power speech was given by Jacek Łukaszewski, MBA – Cluster President CZ/PL/SK/UA at Schneider Electric, entitled “Electricity 4.0 – Global Transformation of Energy Markets”. We learned a lot about sustainability challenges the energy sector currently faces, and we had the chance to be familiar with the solutions introduced by Schneider Electric – the leader of sustainable resolutions.

Hub dla ZiEmi (Hub for the Planet)

In 2022 the Faculty of Management and Economics initiative was established: Hub dla ZiEmi, which aims to develop students’ and partners’ capabilities to be future generators of sustainable value for business and society and to work for an inclusive and sustainable global economy. It is the platform to present all the Faculty’s initiatives undertaken in the area of social responsibility and sustainable development and to trigger our stakeholders to join us.

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FM&E PRME Report

The first Faculty’s PRME report was published on our sustainable development actions from 2020 to 2021. All the activities taken by our Faculty are presented here: open meetings, online events, research important for the environment and related to social responsibility and sustainable development .

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Sustainable Gdańsk-Tech

With our activities in the field of sustainable development, we are in line with the University’s strategy. In 2021 the first time a report on the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals set out in the resolution adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN) on September 25 2015, was published for the first time.

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Our International MBA programme motto is: MBA is not only education but the values we bring together. We believe mind stimulation, adaptability, resilience and beautiful relations are the core and build value for companies and societies. We want to inspire our students, alumni and partners to create a business environment where these values permeate business decisions, projects and company development. We want to encourage them to think about sustainable development and to look for opportunities to take action for the good of our planet.

Example actions:

Inspirational Safari to Brussels

In 2023, MBA students and alumni were invited to participate in “Inspirational Safari in Brussels to discover Societal and Business Innovation in practice.” Social inclusion, social entrepreneurship, grassroots initiatives, and responsible leadership were the main topics we discussed and experienced there. The participants had the chance to meet brave and inspiring people who shared their passion and experiences in supporting SDGs in different areas.

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"How can we use the wind"

MBA Gdańsk University of Technology and Hub for the Planet were the film competition’s organizers: “How can we use the wind.” It was part of EduOffShoreWind – the first educational fair dedicated to professions and educational offers related to wind energy. It was an excellent opportunity to promote sustainable energy and youth creativity and to trigger their commitment to improving our earth for the better. The award was the career development mentoring session delivered by MBA Gdańsk University of Technology Director Beata Krawczyk-Bryłka, PhD.

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Silence in Piaśnica Forest

In 2022, students from the 13th MBA edition had a chance to visit Piaśnica’s Forests – the place of mass executions carried out by German occupying forces in the first months of World War II. Thanks to guides: PhD Mateusz Maleszka and Mateusz Kubicki from the Institute of National Remembrance, we could learn the tragic history of this place, listen to the silence of the Piaśnica’s Forests, and reflect on the universal values that are important for our MBA programme: respect, diversity, a social commitment.

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Happier Workplace

Joanna Szulc was the speaker at the Graduation Ceremony of 13th MBA Cohort. The inspiring speech concerned balancing commitment to professional tasks and time to rest, listen to yourself and reduce stress. We believe that well-being is an important topic, which is why we wanted our graduates to take the message from this last MBA lecture to care for themselves and their employees.

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“Open Eyes Economy”

The initiative focused on the economy based on social values, the creative international congress where the experiences of representatives of various fields are shared and discussed to promote the importance of intangible assets for business stakeholders.

MBA Authorities and students participated in Open Eyes conferences, and we were also proud to become one of the co-organizers of OPE On Tour in Gdansk in 2019.


Involve – Only action is the ultimate expression of our commitment. We encourage MBA Students and Alumni to act, we create opportunities to engage in various SD activities, and we set a good example of how we work for sustainable development.

Example actions:

Capstone Projects

Many of the Capstone Projects, student group projects at the end of the MBA course, are for the benefit of local communities or sustainable development goals. They aim to apply the knowledge gained during the study to implement a business or social enterprise concerning sustainable development goals and local community needs.

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ESG in Banking

In collaboration with Nordea, the Creative Evening: Enabling ESG Integration in Banking was organized on May 11, 2023. We had the chance to discuss challenges and best practices.

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Conscious adoption

On February 2023 MBA Director and MBA Office Coordinator were engaged in supporting the idea of conscious adoption organized in collaboration with the Promyk shelter.

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The Gamification Impact Project

The Gamification Impact Project was implemented in 2020 to motivate MBA students (13th cohort) to implement the self-development plans prepared at the beginning of the MBA Programme. The main team award was the adoption of Gdańsk ZOO orangutans: Albert and Raja. We used it to promote the responsible use of natural resources, fair trade ideas, and climate protection.

We support orangutans

Paweł Ziemiański (MBA Quality Standard LEAD) and Beata Krawczyk-Bryłka (MBA Director) participated in the Conference: “Universities Facing Challenges of Sustainable Development” in Łodź (1.03.2022) and presented the speech: “We support orangutans – sustainable development in the International MBA program of the Gdańsk University of Technology.”

Charity auction

MBA Community was engaged in the charity auction conducted during the FM&E and MBA Alumni Reunion. MBA Office organized the auction for Wyspa Skarbów, an organization supporting the rehabilitation of sick children. Most of the items for this auction were obtained thanks to the MBA Gdańsk University of Technology community: alumni, lecturers, and students. Thanks to these donators, we collected about 14000 PLN for the children.

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Melliferous plants

MBA Office was the initiator in preparing the eco-badges for the participants of FM&E and MBA Alumni Reunion – they were made of grass paper (that can be used as the natural fertilizer), to which a bag with seeds of melliferous plants was attached (we reminded the participants to sow MBA spring meadow (by Linked In profile).

Diabetes Run

On January 23, The “Biega ZiE” Team participated in: Get Even with Diabetes Run. The event has accompanied the final events of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity for 17 years. The action aims to promote a healthy and active lifestyle and draw attention to the civilization problem of diabetes. MBA Gdańsk University of Technology lecturers: Krzysztof Zieba Zięba, Łukasz Sienkiewicz, Katarzyna Stankiewicz, Magdalena Popowska, and Paweł Ziemiański got involved in this action.

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