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A generalist MBA programme but with a particular focus on strategy implementation through programme and project management.

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The part-time/modular Executive MBA sessions are held once a month on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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The Gdańsk University of Technology was founded in 1904, and from the beginning has been one of the most important educational centres. Nowadays it is Technical University with business school competences.

On 24th October 2008 began the first edition of MBA in Strategy, Programme and Project Management at GUT with a concept of three specializations to choose. See the MBA timeline→

GUT’s scientific potential makes it an influential research university. Interdisciplinary projects are often conducted in partnership with international consortia and business stakeholders.

Gdańsk University of Technology is situated close to the very heart of the city. Our scientists and graduates constantly participate in the life and the development of the region.They are a flagship within the metropolitan area.

Beautiful architecture, fascinating culture and history and an amazing location have made Gdańsk a unique city. In the European Best Destination 2017 competition it was ranked in third place and declared one of the most attractive cities on the continent.

International quality validation that grants accreditation only to the best MBA programmes in the world. “The Association of MBAs is the impartial authority on postgraduate management education and is committed to raising its profile and quality standards internationally for the benefit of business schools, students and alumni and employers. AMBA established that vision in 1967 and it’s as relevant today as it was almost 50 years ago. The accreditation service is the global standard for all MBA, DBA and master’s degrees, currently accrediting programmes from the top 2% of business schools in over 70 countries.”

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Multicultural MBA cohorts, academics, and business and industry professionals produce MBA studies that are embedded in business realities. Each year we admit candidates from all over the world and we provide lecturers from global businesses.

Business networking

We offer networking opportunities and direct contact with entrepreneurs, business and industry. Our MBA programme provides excellent opportunities to experience an international approach to running business processes, solving problems and case studies.

The framework of the programme is based on four key pillars: Strategic Thinking, Operational Excellence, People Management & Self-Development and Foundations. In this way, students may focus on and specialise in a range of diverse competencies, according to their interests and particular needs.

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MBA Competence Model consists of three factors that together present a broad, coherent portfolio of competences delivered under the program: Area of Knowledge, AMBA Competences, GUT & FME Mission.

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Talent diagnosis and competence development

Participants in our MBA studies have the opportunity to develop their competences and deepen their knowledge about their personal preferences, as well as consolidating their teamwork skills. The educational outlook of the MBA programme encourages our students to commit to a practical research study and to publish their results in the Quarterly Journal “Research on Enterprise in the Modern Economy – Theory and Practice”, issued by Gdańsk University of Technology. MBA students may set their career paths and measure their own progress. 


Which graduate or MBA student – from any country in the world – does not know what an AMBA is?

An MBA study programme with AMBA accreditation ranks both the graduates and the programme itself much higher than those without such accreditation, because the AMBA certification validates high quality of the learning outcomes.

The Association of Masters In Business Administration – a London-based international organisation dating back to 1967 – has awarded its accreditation to 200 schools in 70 countries. In Poland, only five universities have achieved this. The MBA programme conducted at the Faculty of Management and Economy of the Gdańsk University of Technology is the fifth such school, and importantly, the youngest. AMBA accreditation is given to a university with graduates from at least three consecutive years, and our programme is only eight years old so this is a great achievement. The MBA programme of the Faculty of Management and Economy at GUT is the only one on the northern Poland coast to have received this accreditation.


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The Only University of Technology in Poland

The MBA programmes that apply to receive such accreditation must meet a number of formal criteria, such as the abovementioned number of years that they have graduated students, the number of students per group, professional experience of the students measured in years, university facilities; and also those criteria that are uncountable but important, such as the quality and level of classes, the degree of internationalization, or interesting career paths of the graduates.
The accreditation is not awarded forever – the Association monitors all its programmes and requires verification in subsequent years. The accreditation makes it possible to participate in international rankings of programmes, which in turn pertains to further internationalization both of the MBA programme and the university.

The AMBA Commission has particularly appreciated the uniqueness of the MBA programmes offered by the Faculty of Management and Economy: all programmes are our own programmes. Each course has been specially designed and developed and is well-established at the university. The courses include international lectures, varied teaching methods (a combination of theoretical knowledge and case study analysis), a professional admissions process and the tremendous commitment of the faculty staff and programme management team. The close connection between the programme, the business environment and entrepreneurs is considered an important asset. The success of the MBA programme is a success story from the Faculty itself but also another reason to be proud of the Gdańsk University of Technology.

AMBA Certificate 2015

MBA Mission

The mission of the GUT MBA is to provide master’s level executive education to fulfil the needs of industry and increase the value of an educated talent pool, as well as meeting the needs of managers in a wider international business environment. This will include connecting talented people, in order to develop effective leaders and entrepreneurs and to have a significant impact on the growth of industries and the economy through values-led experience.

MBA Values

We are committed to following our core values in daily activities. We are convinced and experienced that they state measures of MBA success. Through them, we create value for other companies, societies and humanities.

Mind stimulation

  • Intellectually engaged
  • Open minded
  • Courage to change the world
  • Think out of the box


  • Be beyond yourself

  • New ideas-openness


    • Curiosity
    • Creativity
    • Fun & passion
    • Rebel talents
    Beautiful Relations

    • Respect others
    • A collaborative attitude
    • Diversity
    • Friendship
    • Sharing is caring
    • Internationalisation


    We are one of the most beautiful universities in Europe
    According to the World University Rankings GUT was placed on 6th position of the European universities. The ranking appreciated range of architectural styles of GUT Main Building and many statues and symbols around the campus.

    About Gdańsk University of Technology (GUT)

    We are among the 800 Best World Universities

    GUT and only nine other Polish universities are listed by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings. GUT is among the 800 best Universities in the world. The ranking is based on the following factors: citations, industry income, international outlook, research and teaching.

    We are one of the best European Technical Universities

    Since October 2015, GUT has belonged to the Conference of European Schools for Advanced Engineering Education and Research (CESAER) – an organisation of the best European technical universities. Presently, CESAER includes more than 50 universities in 24 countries. GUT is the 3rd Polish university among these.

    We Are One of the Most Popular Universities in Poland

    For the fifth time in a row GUT is in 3rd place in the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education ranking of universities which prospective students choose most often.

    Over 120,000 Graduates

    GUT has a long academic tradition. In 2004 it celebrated its 100th anniversary. Since 1904, over 120,000 well-educated young people graduated from our university.

    GUT graduates find a job easily, often successfully creating and running their own businesses. It is important to stress the fact that the earnings of people who graduated from GUT were ranked 2nd in the National Compensation Survey for technical university graduates.

    Currently GUT has:

    • 9 faculties;
    • 44 fields of study, including 18 fields of study and specializations in English;
    • nearly 25 000 students;
    • 1200 academic teachers.

    Widely recognized scientific publications

    GUT was granted the ELSEVIER Research Impact Leaders 2016 award for its widely recognized scientific publications, which combine social and technical sciences. The awards are part of the international ELSEVIER initiative, promoting the scientific output of Polish universities around the world. Factors taken into consideration include the citation index, the number of publications in the most prestigious journals and the contribution of international authors.

    The Highest International Level of Business Education

    MBA studies at GUT have been awarded the international Association of MBAs (AMBA) certificate. This accreditation guarantees the highest quality of education. Only 2% of universities throughout the world have obtained such a distinction!

    International Activity and Cooperation

    The international cooperation is based on approximately 360 international agreements signed with HEIs and other organisations, including:

    • 250 agreements within international mobility programmes;
    • 90 MoUs;
    • 9 double degree agreements.

    GUT is also a member of various international networks of cooperation, e.g. BSRUN, EUA, CDIO, CESAER. The university participates in numerous international programmes which promote and facilitate international mobility, such as Erasmus+, Erasmus Mundus, EEA Grants, Norway Grants, CEEPUS.

    The number of international students at GUT increases year on year. The current number is close to 1000. They represent over 60 different nationalities.


    GUT is situated in the heart of Gdańsk – one of the largest cities in northern Poland, well connected with neighbouring Gdynia, Sopot and the entire region. The Baltic Sea coast is only 6 km away from the monumental Main Building of GUT.


    The whole campus is one of the most beautiful academic facilities in Poland. The Main Building of GUT has been distinguished as a well-kept monument by the Polish Minister of Culture and National Heritage. In total, GUT owns 625 teaching and research laboratories. The university also provides modern housing for 3,000 students in 12 dormitory buildings, as well as possessing a high quality Academic Sports Centre.

    About Gdańsk


    About Poland

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    MBA Programme Office

    Faculty of Management and Economics, Gdańsk University of Technology
    Traugutta Street 79, room 404
    80-233 Gdańsk, Poland
    phone: +48 58 348 63 55
    phone: +48 517 849 332

    MBA Director

    PhD Barbara Geniusz-Stepnowska
    phone: +48 58 348 61 75

    MBA Programme Coordinator

    Jacek Makowski
    phone: +48 58 348 63 55
    phone: +48 517 849 332

    MBA Programme Coordinator for Admission

    Ewa Łusiak-Sobolewska
    phone: +48 509 698 611



    Gdańsk, Poland


    Berlin 503 km
    Vilnius 571 km
    Stockholm 626 km
    Minsk 743 km
    Bratislava 930 km
    Kiev 1104 km
    Moscow 1444 km
    Madrid 2833 km
    Beijing 6965 km


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