Admission for MBA Gdansk University of Technology – 17th Edition!

What is the admission process for an MBA?

To join our program, you should follow the following steps:

  1. Registration – use the registration link on our website and send us your admission form. After receiving your application, the MBA Office will contact you directly via e-mail. In the message, you will find the guidelines for the next step of the admission, and our Admission Coordinator will send you the application document for fulfillment.
  2. Submitting required documents

In order to check whether you comply all our formal criteria, you will be asked to deliver the following documents via e-mail:

  • Copy of Bachelor’s or Master’s degree Diploma (first or second cycle studies).
  • Curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Cover letter
  • Digital copy of current photograph
  • Application form (you will receive it with the e-mail from MBA Office)
  • Essay on one of the topics advised by Admission Coordinator
  • English Certificate, if you have one. To check which certifications are accepted by our Faculty, visit the website:

Within one week from receiving all your documents, Admission Coordinator will contact you to confirm whether you comply with the formal criteria, and if so, you will be invited for the interview. Few possible dates for the interview will be proposed.

  1. Admission Fee

If you receive the invitation for the interview, you should also regulate the admission fee and send the confirmation of regulating this payment to MBA Office. Details for making the transfer will be included in the message with instructions from MBA Office. Only after confirming the fee regulation, you will receive the official invitation and link to the online interview meeting on MS Teams platform.

  1. Interview

The interview is conducted by MBA Director and two MBA Lecturers. You may expect short English test at the beginning if you did not submit the required certification in previous steps.

The interview (excluding time for English test) will last around 1 hour and you can expect discussion about your experience and general managerial knowledge.

  1. Information about results

Within one week from the interview, Admission Coordinator will inform you about the results of admission process.

  1. Registration to university system

If you are accepted, MBA Office will guide you through all the regulations and procedures concerning becoming Postgraduate Student on Gdańsk-Tech.


Why should you participate in MBA admission?

Participating in MBA enrollment will give you a wealth of opportunities. Among other things, the MBA program educates business people with all sorts of knowledge on how to bring innovation to the business market, teaches how to respond to human needs or manage change and a team.

Is the program right for you?

If you have questions, want to learn more about MBA enrollment, recruitment, or want to dispel any doubts about whether it is worthwhile to participate in MBA recruitment, we invite you to an open meeting on 23.05.2024 at 18.00. The information meeting will be held ONLINE on the MS Teams platform.

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Do you want to become a Master of Business Administration? Join us!

Our International Master of Business Administration in Strategy, Program and Project Management program is one of the best MBA programs in Poland. If you want to get an MBA, it’s high time to send us your application, as we are currently recruiting for the 17th edition of our program. Don’t wait – use the form on our website!

Admission for the Executive MBA program continues until September 2024!

Admission Process
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