Admission for MBA Gdansk University of Technology – don’t wait!

What is the enrollment process for an MBA?

MBA enrollment consists of five steps:

  1. Enroll in an MBA program through online registration. Send us your application using the enrollment form.
  2. Send us your documents and essay. Upon receipt of the form, our Recruitment Coordinator will contact you directly to oversee further MBA enrollment.
  3. Pay the initial fee, which allows you to enroll for further MBA program enrollment.
  4. We will invite you to an interview in English and ask you some questions about economics, management and project management.
  5. Acceptance and agreement of further payment for MBA studies.


Why should you participate in MBA admission?

Participating in MBA enrollment will give you a wealth of opportunities. Among other things, the MBA program educates business people with all sorts of knowledge on how to bring innovation to the business market, teaches how to respond to human needs or manage change and a team.


Admission for MBA studies is still on!

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