Lean management powered by PHILIPS, MBA’s Creative Evening

On 22 February 2018, we met in Nordea IT Area to learn more about Lean. The MBA’s Creative Evening was led by Philips Team: Johan Zwittink – Quality Assurance Lead Europe and Piotr Andryszak – Director HR Services Europe at Philips Lighting and supported by our MBA’s Lecturer Mark Galanter – Operational Excellence Executive Level Expert.

Mr. Piotr Andryszak Philips Lighting, also our MBA’s Alumnus, reports this event:

“Running a session of “Lean Management powered by Philips” last week was a real pleasure. Started with our key note speaker: Mark Galanter who introduced the world of Lean to us, actually uncovering some mystery around Lean origins and its first steps outside of Japan (interested to listen to it?… too bad, not recorded). Followed up with his personal experiences while managing Michelin journey to Operational Excellence. Mark was also actively supporting our further story of the Operational Excellence approach and journey in Philips Lighting. We have introduced a bit of the business context of the changing Lighting industry in view of macro trends in world’s population while technological shift into Internet of Things. That set a stage and an appetite for Operational Excellence, where Lean methodology plays a major role. To summarize that part, we have commonly agreed, the Lean journey is not only a methodology and set of techniques, but it also requires a cultural shift of an organization, a transformation to make a real and sustainable impact. That takes rather years than months, large dedication and efforts but in the end pays off in above the average company value growth.

In order to move from “heads” into “hands” we have prepared a little workshop… The hands on experience of Lean methods that we have challenged the audience with, showed large engagement and enthusiasm of participants. Just scratching the surface of Lean, attempting to solve problems of a pizzeria brought in a lot of challenges, but also uncovered a world of opportunities while utilizing Lean mechanisms and techniques. Apart from what we have been able to see ourselves, test while playing different roles and cooperating with each other we had all a lot of fun.  Also, some good learning for us, the facilitators as well. 

Thank you, all Alumni, for joining, those that did not join – make sure you do next time! MBA Gdansk and Nordea- thanks for organizing, getting us together and preparing well the facilities. Last but not least thanks to great presenters: Mark Galanter and Johan Zwittink.”

The next MBA’s Creative Evening is going to come. We will inform about the date as soon as possible.



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