Let’s play the MBA

Join the team. Make a good choice. Talk and connect to succeed. Be ready for a new cycle of meetings on 30 June 2021!

Before the summer holidays, we are starting a new cycle of meetings for students and graduates of International MBA in Strategy, Programme and Project Management, Gdańsk University of Technology program. Each month we plan one meeting that will be an opportunity to integrate our MBA community.

Let’s play MBA meetings are focused on networks between the participants of all the International MBA editions. Exchanging the experiences, discovering other students’ and alumni’ s successes, discussing their business solutions and playing together is the scenario for each round.

Each meeting has its topic, concerning various areas related to effective leadership but the main part is playing. Playing cards? Playing the piano? Playing basketball? Playing a game? Let’s play – let’s get to know each other, let’s develop together.
The first meeting on June 30 will be held under the motto: Let’s play MBA – Leaders with passion. Together, we will play an online game focused on integration, but also shaping the online communication skills of the participants. Additionally, participants of the meeting will have a chance to talk about their non-professional interests and passions. What are they interested in? How do they build personal capital as the leader?

We start June 30 at 6.30 – 8.30 pm.

Due to the conditions of the game, the number of participants is limited, registration is required.

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