MBA Ranking Perspektywy

This year we became 7th best MBA program in Poland according to Perspektywy MBA Ranking.

Reaching such a high position among many MBA Programs in Poland that took part in MBA Ranking is something we can be proud of. In comparison to the previous MBA Ranking we jumped from the 10th to 7th place by increasing the score from 77,6 to 86,8!


Perspektywy MBA Ranking – categories

MBA Studies are assessed in the Perspektywy MBA Ranking in the following categories:

  • Opinion of MBA Studies Alumni
  • The quality of MBA Students
  • Prestige of MBA Program
  • Substantive features of MBA Studies
  • The quality of MBA Teaching Staff

Our MBA Program was given very high score regarding the Teaching Staff. According to the MBA Ranking we got over 85 percent of the Teaching Staff that has practical experience in the field of the subject they provide during our MBA Studies.


MBA Studies = MBA Students

What is the most important for us, is the appreciation from our MBA Students. In the Perspektywy MBA Ranking our Alumni gave our Lecturers very high score equal 90 points out of 100! We are very glad that our MBA Students feel that they work with very good lecturers that enable them self-development.

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