QUALTRICS WORKSHOP for Capstone Projects

An important element of Capstone Projects prepared by MBA students at the end of the International MBA in Strategy, Project and Programme Management studies is quantitative or qualitative stakeholder research. In order to prepare sufficiently for this process, MBA students participate in the Research Methods module delivered by MBA Lecturer Łukasz Sienkiewicz from the Faculty of Management and Economics. The module aims at providing participants with insights and understanding of research methods, used in business and management for the purpose of making evidence- based on decisions, using critical approach and complex information.

To use this knowledge and conduct research in a professional manner, there is an additional online workshop of the QualtricsXM system organized. The workshop was designed to help MBA students to create a correct and simple, yet powerful tool for their Capstone Project, using the leading platform. Thanks to Jakub Golik participants could discover such topics as: common pitfalls in survey design, basic logic and randomisation methods as well as data collection and useful tips for data export for further analysis and survey implementation and distribution methods. They could get to know how to design correct template using blocks or how to implement the most common question types.

We keep stimulating and supporting the process of working on the Capstone Projects and hope each of them will grow in development as much as possible.

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