Success Story #4 | Expect the unexpected… and be prepared – by Marcin Czugan

Person of the Year of the Loan Market in Poland, the laureate of “Rising Star Lawyers – Leaders of Tomorrow” award, recently recognized as one of TOP 50 Managers of the Loan Market in Poland in 2021 – the next MBA Success Story article is about the professional path of the alumni of VII International MBA Gdansk Tech edition – Marcin Czugan.

An experienced attorney-in-law (solicitor) and economist, during his MBA studies at Gdansk University of Technology was appointed as a vice-president of the Management Board of the Association of Financial Companies in Poland (ZPF;, the organization that brings together over 100 entities of the Polish financial market. Afterwards, in August 2020, he was appointed as the president of the Management Board of this association.

My work at ZPF gives me the privilege to cooperate with the most influential managers at the financial market in Poland so I have the perfect professional role models to follow. The carrier path in the financial sector is always full of disturbances – starting from legal changes throughout economic conditions – all of these affect the market players. So – as managers – we find a lot of challenges in our everyday work to keep our companies on the right track and to constantly improve them” – Marcin said.

He was elected as a leader of the organization right in the middle of pandemic crisis, so not the best time to start in a new role. However, he believes that during difficult times “the strong get stronger and the weak get weaker”. In ZPF, he initiated throughout the year a number of new projects for the associated companies, to help them face the difficulties in the market, e.g. legislative changes that affected financial market, especially during the pandemic time.

I can say that we succeeded. Saying “we” I mean our team, who did and is still doing a great job for the organization. We couldn’t be at this place without our employees’ dedication and commitment. There is no coincidence that one of the most important sessions during MBA course is “Team building”. It is always about the team work” – emphasized Marcin.

He declares that his mission is to support financial companies in Poland, give them even more development opportunities and explore new channels to share knowledge and experience.

I do believe that we – as professionals – gain a lot of valuable experience from the pandemic turbulence. We have transformed our companies and prepare them for the future. In the legal and legislation process we keep saying “expect the unexpected…”. I tend to add … and BE PREPARED” – Marcin stated.

Beside his role in the ZPF, Marcin is also a board member of the Eurofinas (European Federation of Finance House Associations) in Brussels. He has been second time in row elected as a board member at the Regional Chamber of Legal Advisers in Gdańsk. He shares his knowledge with young lawyers teaching at solicitors’ pupillage. Awarded for “Contribution For Solicitors’ Society” in 2017.

Congratulations Marcin and we keep our fingers crossed for Your another initiatives.

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