12.01.2024 – 15 MBA Cohort’s visit in CI TASK

CI TASK provides IT services at the highest level in the field of: high performance computing, computing cloud, network, transfer, data collecting and processing ( https://task.gda.pl/en/about/ci-task-and-development-strategy/).

Jerzy Proficz, Director of CI TASK, invited us to visit the Centre during the Change Management and Digital Transformation module.

The aim was to present to our students the possibilities of High-Performance Computing (HPC). Supercomputers are invaluable tools for many business industries, especially in such a fast-developing world, when newer and newer technologies and digital solutions emerge. There are many applications of HPCs for business purposes, e.g.:
• Simulation and modeling without the need to spend the resources for prototyping
• Data analytics
• Financial modelling and risk analysis
• Forecasting
• Supply chain optimization
And much more…

All possibilities and potential usage of Supercomputers were presented to us by Jerzy Proficz. We got to know what services in CI TASK are available to external stakeholders.
As a part of the visit, Prof. Jerzy Bobiński from the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Gdańsk University of Technology unveiled the secrets of scientific projects using HPC.
Moreover, Adam Brzeski (Machine Learning Lead in Brainscan.ai – https://brainscan.ai/) presented us excellent example of a start-up using AI to support medical decisions.
The visit was supported by the EuroCC project aimed at delivering and promoting HPC benefits for citizens, scientists and business (https://cc.eurohpc.pl/index.php/narodowe-centrum-kompetencji/).

We would like to officially thank to hosts, presenters and supporting institutions for the visit. It was an inspiring experience and gave us food for thought about digitalization and its benefits for improving business performance.

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