12.01.2024 – Visit in Immersive 3D Visualization Lab

What is VR?

Virtual Reality refers to a simulated experience that can be similar to or completely different from the real world. In a virtual reality environment, users can interact with a computer-generated three-dimensional environment using specialized electronic devices, such as VR headsets. These headsets typically include a combination of visual, auditory, and sometimes haptic feedback to create an immersive and realistic experience.

What is virtual reality used for?

Virtual reality has applications in various fields, including gaming, education, training, healthcare, and entertainment. Users can feel like they are present in a different environment or scenario, often with the ability to manipulate and interact with elements within that virtual space. VR can support several processes in an organization. It is widely used in modeling, staff development or prototyping.

Student experiences in the laboratory

Thanks to Professor Jack Lebiedz (head of LZWP – https://eti.pg.edu.pl/lzwp ), students of the 15th Cohort were able to experience applications that matched the students’ interests and the sectors they represent. Students had the opportunity to move into the world of professions performed on the ship and during its design. VR allowed them to see simulations of the distribution of forces in the designed installations. The app also allowed for robot training or a cooking lesson. Training applications for surgeons and chemists were shown. Several groups were also able to face their fears like fear of heights or arachnophobia.

Thank you for inviting us to LZWP (Immersive 3D Visualization Lab – https://eti.pg.edu.pl/lzwp). First of all, for creating an opportunity for MBA students to experience VR in a studio located at the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics of the University of Gdansk.

We hope that elements of VR will be present in MBA Capstone Projects.

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