Graduation of the 14th MBA Cohort – INVITATION

On March 23, we celebrate the graduation ceremony of the 14 Cohort MBA Gdańsk University of Technology.

We have prepared a rich program of the ceremony to honour our graduates and all members of the MBA community who supported us in the AMBA re-accreditation process.

The schedule includes:

Presentation by Annamarj Paloheimo on “Enjoying the infinite learning journey of professional life.”

    Annamarja Paloheimo
    Linkedin →

    • People Business Partner, Nordea Bank
    • Educated and worked as legal professional during 15 years in financial industry in different roles
    • Worked as Leader in corporate banking with portfolio of clients in exporting industries in Finland
    • Past ten years as Human Resources professional supporting organizations and individuals to reach their full potential
    • Wife, mother of two, friend, volunteer worker with young adults, cross-country skier and cycler

      Inauguration of the MBA Alumni Club at Gdansk University of Technology

      Concert by the Cuarteto Re!Tango:

      • Cuarteto Re!Tango band was founded in 2018, founded by musicians fascinated by Argentine tango, previously co-founding the first groups in Pomerania playing this genre of music. Cuarteto Re!Tango is considered a revelation among bands specializing in Argentine tango, ranked among the best bands on the European scene. The band also presents tango to the general public, touring nationally and internationally. Their concerts are a solid dose, energy, danceability, virtuosity and authentic joy of playing. They have recorded two albums: Milonga (2019) and Tandas (2023).
      • The team consists of: Paweł A. Nowak – bandoneon, Łukasz Perucki – violin, Sebastian Wyszyński – double bass, and Paweł Zawada – piano & arrangement.
      • We invite you to listen to the Cuarteto Re!Tango compositions:

      All the members of the MBA community are invited to join us on March 23 at 6 pm in the ground floor foyer at the Faculty of Management and Economics of Gdansk University of Technology.


      MBA’ Study Visit in Company MGJ

      MBA’ Study Visit in Company MGJ

      On October 13, MBA cohort 14 visited the family sawmill – MGJ. The class was conducted by Małgorzata Wejer, Ph.D. – company co-owner.


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