19th International Week “Wellbeing of staff in higher education”

At the end of September we had the opportunity to participate in the 19th International Week “Wellbeing of staff in higher education” organized by Klaipėdos valstybinė kolegija – Higher Education Institution of Klaipeda, Lithuania. This is an Erasmus+ program aimed at university administrative and academic staff. 

The main theme of the event was to raise awareness of the importance of a comfortable work atmosphere and work-life balance at universities. The workshop lasted 5 days in the beautiful city of Klaipedia. Among other things, the program included participation in international conferences:

  • “Studies-Business-Society: Present and Future Insights VIII” 
  • “Interdisciplinary Approach: Challenges and Opportunities in the Studies of Health Sciences”

In addition to interesting lectures, the organizers also provided for us many interesting and unconventional activities such as art therapy, apitherapy and honey education, pranayama (yoga breathing), gong meditation or various seminars and anti-stress workshops. The willing and brave were able to enjoy cryotherapy – an evening swim in the already very cold Baltic Sea. Many activities our MBA team had the opportunity to experience for the first time, making them sure to stay in our memories for a long time.

Of course, the program was not only focused on individual wellbeing, but also on wellbeing in the workplace. We believe that comfortable and safe environment that allows being appreciated, understood and open for sharing own opinions is crucial for successful business. That is why we took a part in the LEGO workshop that was aimed to show how easily and in a fun way we can get closer to our colleagues or managers, express our needs and be much more creative than we expect.

Despite attractions connected with wellbeing, we visited facilities of the Klaipėdos valstybinė kolegija, such as: modern nursing simulation center, prototypes of car service station, somatology and cosmetology stands where students can learn practical skills, company simulation room where students run an artificial company to learn how to invest, manage the business, control assets. It was a great chance for many participants to get inspired and encouraged to take a part in collaboration between European universities.

This week allowed us to recharge our batteries before a very intense academic year, opened our eyes to new ways of dealing with stress, and reaffirmed our belief that wellbeing is an extremely important topic in the context of managing in an increasingly dynamic environment. It also showed us the importance of internationalization activities among university staff and business.

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