Internationality of the Executive MBA program at Gdansk University of Technology

What does the internationality of the Executive MBA program at Gdansk University of Technology mean?

The International MBA in Strategy, Programme, and Project Management program is open to cultural, economic, and social diversity, as well as taking action and cooperation on a global scale. We are focused on maintaining high-quality international standards through several actions.

First of all, while conducting the admission process, we try to create international groups. At least 20% of each MBA cohort are international students from various countries. Throughout the history of our program, we have admitted students from 6 continents! This diversity allows for a rich exchange of ideas, perspectives, and experiences among MBA students.

To ensure the comfort of sharing experiences and universality of the knowledge gathered, our program is conducted fully in English. Classes are conducted by academics and practitioners from all over the world – at least half of our teaching staff are lecturers from foreign countries, including Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, France, Greece, and others. Their diverse backgrounds and perspectives enrich the learning experience and provide participants with insights into global business practices.

Our MBA Curriculum incorporates international business topics, such as global strategy, cross-cultural management, international finance, and emerging markets. This ensures that participants gain a comprehensive understanding of the complexities of operating in a global business environment.

During our program, once a year, we organize international Study Visits. All current MBA students and our Alumni are invited to participate in “Inspirational Safari”. Its program includes opportunities for participants to visit companies, take part in international business simulations, or consulting projects abroad. These experiences allow students to apply their learning in real-world settings and gain firsthand exposure to different business cultures and practices.

Thanks to networking events like “Creative Evenings”, our students can build a global network of professional contacts through interactions with fellow participants, Alumni, guest speakers, and industry partners. This network can be invaluable for career advancement and business opportunities on a global scale.

Furthermore, our program can boast about achieving international AMBA accreditation for the 3rd time in a row and for the most extended possible period – 5 years. Only the best programs in the world receive such accreditation. To achieve it, the program must represent high-level curriculum standards, and be oriented towards internationalization, global networking and cooperation.

The internationality of the International MBA in Strategy, Programme, and Project Management program at Gdańsk University of Technology signifies our commitment to providing students with a global perspective on business leadership and management, preparing them to succeed in today’s interconnected and rapidly changing world.

If you want to advance your career, learn new skills and build global business relationships, I invite you to apply for our program!

We are looking for ambitious, talented managers who want to develop their leadership skills and gain global business experience.

We invite you to join the 17th Cohort of our Executive MBA program!

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