Graduation Ceremony of the XI & XII MBA editions – relation

The 21th May 2022 was a momentous day for students of the XI and XII MBA Programme and our MBA community. On that day students received their diplomas and became International MBA Gdańsk Tech Alumni!


Meeting in person, finally, without restrictions

The past two years of studies have certainly not been effortless. There was a lot of learning and challenges in online meetings. Both editions have experienced remote learning and are richer with studying experiences under the prevailing restrictions. After many days of staying at home and having classes on a remote form students of XI ans XII MBA cohorts, Faculty and University Authorities and IMBA Gdańsk Tech Programme Staff met personally at the Heveliust’s Courtyard of the Gdańsk University of Technology. This place is a special one because inside it is a Foucalt’s pendulum, which indicates the rotation of the earth. This time, nothing limited us. The other participants, among them: Lecturers, Programme Advisory Board members and families could participate through online broadcasting on the official Gdańsk Tech YouTube channel.

 We are Alumni!

The Graduation was conducted by Paweł Ziemiański, PhD, MBA Quality Lead and lecturer. Among distinguishing guests that delivered their speech was the Dean of the Faculty of Management and Economics, Ph.D., D. Sc., Associate Professor Małgorzata Gawrycka; MBA Director, Ph.D. Beata Krawczyk-Bryłka. The power speech of the ceremony was delivered by Jacek Łukaszewski, MBA – Schneider Electric Cluster President since 2017, responsible for operational actions in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine. The speech was entitled “Electricity 4.0 – Global Transformation of Energy Markets”. Many thanks to the speaker for an inspiring lecture and commitment to sustainable development on the energy market.

Power speach by Jacek Łukaszewski, MBA 

 The best MBA Students and the outstanding Capstone Projects – socially and sustainably responsible

Traditionally, during the Graduation Ceremony there was distinguished the best student, this time two titles because of two MBA editions and lecturers as well as capstone projects. This year the award for the best student of XI MBA Gdańsk Tech edition went to Karim Elsweefy and of XII MBA Gdańsk Tech edition went to Monika Górna.The award was received for high academic results and commitment in Gdańsk University of technology society.


Karim Elsweefy – The Best MBA Student of XI MBA edition

Monika Górna – The Best MBA Student of XII MBA edition

The award for the Best Lecturer went to Ralf Knegtmans, who leads the module of Human Capital Management and to professor Krzysztof Zięba, the Lecturer of Busienss Econoomics module.

The Best MBA Lecturers of XI & XII editions: prof. Krzysztof Zięba and Ralf Knegtmans.

During the graduation, there were also mentioned the Best MBA Capstone Projects – the initiative connecting students, the business environment with social responsibility. The best of XI and XII editions were:

  •  Reborn. Quids which is implemented by: Alexey Artyukhin, Paweł Gacek, Tomasz Karaban, Łukasz Stopka and supervised by lecturer Beata Krawczyk-Bryłka, PhD.
  • Auxilium implemented by: Sylwia Bieżuńska, Krzysztof Kaim, Aleksandra Lasota, Szymon Mikołajewski, supervised by the lecturer Paweł Ziemiański, PhD.
  • Skillopoly implementy by: Karim Elsweefy, Justyna Kozlowska-Holt, Agnieszka Płoska, Bartłomiej Śniadkowski, Dorota Witthuhn and supervised by Paweł Ziemiański, PhD.

After the gala there was time for paparazzi, networking session and refreshments. We do thanks all stationary and remote participants for being with new alumni at this event. In the name of whole MBA community we wish all our new alumni all the best in their new business career with their solid educational background and develop newly acquired competences!



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