XIII MBA Pitching Session

On May 27, 2022, another important event took place – the annual MBA Pitching Session. This time the 13th MBA edition students presented their Capstone Projects. The meeting was organized in Nordea Olivia Business Center building and was an opportunity to present the results of the team work of the Capstone Projects to a wider audience. The presented projects were analysed in terms of preparation as a real business projects ready to implement. The following factors were assessed: the maturity of the project, the chances of the project’s success, market investigation and knowledge of the competition as well as business environment.

The projects were assessed by a three-person commission composed of professionals representing the business world in a role of investors: Małgorzata Jasnoch,  Joacim Dahlgren WanhainenAleksander OrłowskiProject Teams had only 5 minutes to convince investors to their idea. Another 5 minutes were for Q&A session. Seven teams presented their Capstone Projects at the Pitching Session from the best side but only a few could receive the award. During the presentation of the idea, the teams were to focus on: clear introducing of the idea of the project, outlining the scale, presenting solutions and benefits, market research and narrative approach. 

All groups were very involved in their Capstone Projects. Students’ ideas are inspiring and relate to important social issues such as: communication, local area, education, history, healthy lifestyle. The high level of preparation and presented content has been noticed. Students received a lot of valuable hints, on what they can focus on while working on improving the project. In assessing the projects, the commission was guided by the business maturity of the project and the preparation advancement of the financial part. The jury selected two winners projects: Teams no. 5 and 2. One team was invited into Demo Day event and the second to Kongres Sektora Fintech as a reward. The first rewarded project of team no. 5 concerned the use of unused parking spaces for private individuals, to facilitate parking in residential areas. The theme of the second project of the awarded team no. 2 is healthy nutrition and maintaining a good mental health condition. The authors indicated not so much weight loss as healthy nutrition rich in nutrients that the human body needs on a daily basis.

We would like to thank everyone involved in the organization of this project. Special thanks to Nordea, Joacim Dahlgren Wanhainen and Sebastian Wilczewski; Marcin Czugan for their involvement in Fintech and Robert Bajko for inviting the MBA teams to the Demo Day.



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