Jubilee inauguration and the 10th anniversary of the MBA Programme!

Students, Graduates, Lecturers, Programme Advisory Board, Faculty and University Authorities and IMBA GUT Programme Employees met at a seaside hotel in Sopot, to recall fond memories of the Programme, established a decade ago, and to inaugurate the 10th edition of the studies!

On the 20th of October this year, the jubilee inauguration of the academic year 2018/2019 and celebrations of the 10th anniversary of the IMBA Programme at Gdańsk University of Technology were held. The mission statement for the event was: MBA is not only the education… but the values we create together. The values and the journey that have been developed over the past decade were focal points of the meeting.

The ceremonial inauguration of the 10th edition of the IMBA Programme was led by the host of the meeting – Programme Director – Dr. Barbara Stepnowska. Afterwards, the following took the floor: Prof. Julita Wasilczuk – Dean of the Faculty of Management and Economics (FM&E) and Prof. Piotr Dominiak – Vice-Rector of the Gdańsk University of Technology, during whose tenure as Dean of the FM&E the idea for creating the Programme was born, followed by the first edition of the IMBA at Gdańsk University of Technology.

After the speeches, the Director recalled the start of the Programme and the changes which had to be made. The main part of the lecture concerned the prospects of the Programme, its objectives, future trends, technologies and skills.

– 2018 is a special year for our Programme. Exactly 10 years ago, Gdańsk University of Technology set the goal to create IMBA studies with highly substantive quality, confirmed by international accreditation. Today, is the time for self-reflection. Looking at the people gathered here, it is encouraging to see what we have achieved together. Ten editions with highly rated students, re-awarding prestigious accreditation, a great network of contacts with graduates abounding in numerous scientific and sports meetings. This is the essence of the Programme. These are the values that we create together, which determine the uniqueness of our Programme – Dr. Barbara Stepnowska, IMBA Programme Director

During the gala there were also inspiring performances by the students and the graduates. The stories, memories and lessons learned were shared, among others by Grzegorz Andrzejak – graduate of the first edition, as well as Jacek Kościukiewicz, Michele Fiorini and Jakub Derek – graduates of the 6th edition.

I have decided to attend an MBA after having Ph.D in engineering was a challenging decision and even more deciding to do it abroad. Anyway, looking back to that time I have no hesitation to say that it was the right one. MBA is undoubtedly synonym of ‘Ithaki’ to me, which means journey in Greek. A journey that push you out of your comfort zone constantly. First time I arrived in Gdansk from Rome, Italy, was winter and all around me were snow, ice and dark – laughter. For a foreigner the starting phase is challenging: environment and language are huge deterrent at the beginning. Cultural differences and stereotypes materialise too. However commitment and continuous development -supported and encouraged by teachers and professionals you deal with – bring results soon. – recalls graduate Dr Michele Fiorini.

The highlight of the lecture was the speech by the IMBA lecturer – Juan Carlos Carrera, who dynamically moved from their comfort zone the students who have just started their adventure with the MBA. He stressed that they must be open to three interweaving forces: diversity, interaction and synergy.

During the ceremony, particular thanks were extended to those who contributed the most to the Programme, and to the Programme Council members, who every year make the greatest efforts to improve it.

The year 2018 enters the history of the IMBA Programme not only because of the round anniversary, but also thanks to the re-awarding of the prestigious AMBA Accreditation for the maximum possible period of 5 years! Thanks to this, the IMBA Programme ranks among the best that can boast this distinction, meeting the highest standards of the quality of education.

Thank you all for your presence and participation in supporting the Programme! Owing to this, the MBA is not only the education… but values we create together!



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