MBA Creative Evening on 15.06.2023 – Professional burnout

Professional burnout is a condition in which we feel overtired, frustrated, lacking motivation and energy in relation to our work. It is often accompanied by signs of physical and emotional exhaustion. It is a problem that can affect anyone – regardless of occupation or level of experience.

Courtesy of the Manage Burnout group: Thomas Leyens, Agnieszka Nieznańska, Agnieszka Roman, Łukasz Winiarek and their supervisor: PhD Paweł Ziemiański, a Creative Evening dedicated to this very phenomenon was held on June 15.

The workshop focused on identifying the causes of professional burnout and introducing healthy coping strategies. The first step was to realize that professional burnout is a real threat and is not a sign of our weakness or incompetence. It is an important understanding that allows us to take steps to recover.

During the meeting, we discussed various factors that contribute to professional burnout, such as excessive pressure, poor time management, lack of support at work, and inappropriate behavior in or out of the workplace. Discussing these factors gave us a better understanding of how to protect ourselves from burnout and how to help others cope.

During the workshop, we learned many effective techniques and strategies for dealing with job burnout. Here are some of them:

1. Self-awareness: Understanding your needs, values and goals at work is key. This allows you to make positive changes and set priorities.

2. Work-life balance: Making sure you have time to rest, relax and connect with loved ones is extremely important. Take care of your physical and emotional health.

3. Finding support: It is important to surround ourselves with people who support and understand us. Sometimes it is also helpful to get professional help, such as therapy or coaching.

4. Managing stress: Learning effective stress management techniques, such as meditation, deep breathing and regular physical activity, can help reduce the negative effects of stress

The most important thing, after attending this workshop, is that we need to realize that our health and well-being is a priority. Proper management of ourselves and our resources is key to long-term satisfaction and professional success.

Once again, a big round of applause for the Manage Burnout Team and those who attended.

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