MBA Creative Evening on 15.12.2022 – The Modern Business Currency is Trust

On December 15th the Creative Evening for our XIV and XV MBA Cohorts and Alumni took place. Michele Fiorini, PhD, our MBA Alumnus conducted the workshop “The Modern Business Currency is Trust.”.

At the beginning Michele provided the presentation to open participants’ minds to the trust as a concept and give them the new perspective on the trust. After realizing what is hidden behind the concept of trust, how it is defined and what conditions have to be fulfilled in order to start to talk about trust, we discussed the fine line between the trust and knowledge and confidence. Is there a trust if we have the knowledge? Can we build the trust or is it something that has to be given to us? Can the trust help us to deal with uncertainty and risks?

All participants took part in discussion and willingly shared their own opinions, experiences regarding the trust in the business.

The Creative Evening was very challenging and left a lot of food for thought for our MBA Students and Alumni. We would like to thank Michele for conducting this Creative Evening. That was definitely inspiring, encouraging and integrative.

We are awaiting next opportunity for MBA Creative Evening. There are a lot of issues worth discussion and experiences exchange.

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