Master of Business Administration studies with “Business Master 2016”

“Businessman” magazine awarded companies and institutions which excelled in business in 2016. In the category Education, this honourable title was awarded to the MBA programme organized by Gdańsk University of Technology.

The Master of Business Administration Programme was honoured for working closely with the business community. The jury appreciated the fact that the programme gained international AMBA accreditation, something which only four of the more than 60 MBA programmes in Poland can boast. It also valued the programme’s involvement in organizing conferences and seminars such as Competitive Education or Economics / Culture / Values. It was also noted that distinguished representatives of science and business, such as Nobel laureate Oliver Williamson, Dr. Mario Raich, Professor Elżbieta Mączyńska, Lord Robert Skidelsky or Professor Jerzy Hausner, take part in events organized as part of the programme’s curriculum.

“Our goal is to provide the best possible combination of learning and business by supporting and directing innovation to work organization. We invite experts and practitioners from both Poland and abroad to create MBA studies. We are constantly working on developing the program to reflect what is happening in the market, to indicate trends. It is also essential to create an atmosphere that stimulates creativity, for example by building relationships between science and business and the world of culture and art. At Gdańsk University of Technology more than 300 research projects are launched each year. That’s why the MBA programme organizes numerous meetings with business which provide a platform for sharing knowledge and mutual learning opportunities,” explains Barbara Geniusz-Stepnowska, director of the MBA programme at Gdańsk University of Technology.

The prize was awarded by a jury made up of: Ewa Sowińska, Michał Kobosko, Robert Krool, Daniel Kubach and Michał Gajewski. The winners received “Business Master” statuettes and the right to use this prestigious title for a year.

“For our university the internationalization of studies is very important; therefore, MBA GUT set itself the goal of obtaining international accreditation, which makes it possible for us to compare ourselves with business schools from all over the world. In this way we present Polish intellectual capital abroad and create a world-wide brand. Winning the Business Master Award is a confirmation of the value of our activities and will undoubtedly affect our recognition worldwide,” adds Stepnowska.

The list of laureates of other honours, including well-known companies from banking, insurance and logistics, can be found here.



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