MBA Study Visit in GE – Operational and Business Excellence module for 15th MBA Edition

On June 14, 2024, as part of the Operational and Business Excellence module, MBA students from the XV MBA Edition visited GE Power in Elbląg. Senior Lead Leader Sylwia Fil and Senior Commercial Operations Manager Wojciech Żóralski facilitated a workshop integral to the module curriculum.

During the workshop, students engaged in interactive activities that demonstrated standardization processes and the implementation of 5S in the workplace. The instructors also shared their practical experiences with Hoshin Kanri strategy deployment, highlighting the real-world application and success of Lean Management techniques.

To deepen their understanding of Lean Management principles and their practical implementation, the students toured the GE Power Turbine Factory. They observed the application of Lean methods in turbine production and gained insights from production managers on the implementation of production lines, continuous optimization, and improvement techniques, all aligned with Lean Management principles.
The visit to GE Power provided a unique and valuable experiential learning opportunity, reinforcing the live learning component of our program. This was our third visit to GE, but this session extended into the further part of the module, on our Faculty, seamlessly integrating with the Operational and Business Excellence curriculum led by Andrzej Marek Galanter. By combining the visit with the module, we enhanced the overall learning experience with real-world insights from a company that exemplifies operational excellence.


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