Life is a constant change. Every day there are new opportunities and challenges. This is the time at the MBA program, the new opening is a new MBA Director – PhD Beata Krawczyk-Bryłka, who is an authority in many research and implementation projects in area of human capital management and entrepreneurship. She is the expert and business advisor collaborating with many companies and non-profit organizations.

New goals and mission

“As the director of the MBA program, I will continue my mission based on my values, talents and openness to collaboration. I will take care of the development of our program. Most of all, as a servant leader, I want to listen to the needs of our MBA students and the business ecosystems where they are expected to be conscious, creative leaders of the future.” – underlines Beata Krawczyk-Bryłka, PhD.

Students and MBA Alumnus have had a chance to know her well because Beata has been a Lecturer, Supervisor and Quality Lead of the MBA Program. Awarded academic teacher and business trainer (business negotiations, interpersonal communication, personal development, entrepreneurial competencies).

“Since I have been working at the University, my mission is to support students by developing their interpersonal skills, arousing their curiosity and responsibility for themselves and the social environment they operate in. I share my faith in the value of collaboration based on trust. I appreciate sensitivity in building relationships and reliability in achieving the goals we undertake. I am convinced that each of us has different talents, you only need the determination to develop them and the courage to use them.” – says PhD Beata Krawczyk Bryłka, MBA Director.


Experience and Passion

Beata Krawczyk-Bryłka is a business psychologist with PhD in management at Jagiellonian University Cracow. She has worked in the position of Assistant Professor in Department of Entrepreneurship, Faculty of Management and Economics at Gdańsk University of Technology. She is experienced as HPC Business Expert in European Project: National Competence Centers in the framework of EuroHPC, Centre of Informatics – Tricity Academic Supercomputer & Network. Most of MBA community knows about her commitment to work as MBA Quality Lead for People Management & Self Development Pillar (2018-2021), Lecturer for Business Negotiations & Conflict Resolution module and Managerial Talent Diagnosis module. She is the author of MBA Competence model and coordinator of Capstone Projects process. 

Moreover, Beata Krawczyk-Bryłka is a scientist with more than 80 publications in area of managing virtual teams, effectual entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial teams, team trust and human resources management (ORCID: 0000-0001-7677-9549). She was the leader of the project: “Effectuation model of entrepreneurial teams. How do effective entrepreneurial teams operate?” founded by National Science Centre Poland (2018-2021).

In the years 2008-2012 she was the Dean for Education at Faculty of Management and Economics, Gdańsk Tech. She is an active Erasmus + participant (Great Britain, Latvia, Spain, Finland, Portugal). Also licensed Extended DISC expert, certificated in PRINCE2.

Beata has a predilection for choir. She is a choir singer.

 In the name of the MBA community, we bid Beata Krawczyk-Bryłka welcome and wish a lot of success, achieving goals and developing the MBA program.

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MBA Programme Office

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MBA Director

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