Nick Strange

Dear Students, Dear Teachers,
Dear All,

I would like to inform you with the sadness and grief that our Lecturer Nick Strange died on the 1st of August 2018. As his family shared with us he never liked to talk or think about his illness and this allowed him to work until the end of June when Nick became too unwell.

We  started our GUT MBA Programme in 2008. Nick was a lecturer who had been teaching here from the very beginning, 10 years since that time… Focused on Strategic Financial Accounting and Accounting for management Decision.

Educated at Oxford, INSEAD and London School of Economics Nick Strange was a management consultant based in Cologne, Germany.

Nick worked for McKinsey and Ingersoll Engineers before going freelance in 1990. He had been teaching management accounting and economics since 1992 and management communication since 2005 at more than 30 universities and business schools in the EU and Eastern Europe.

His publications included Management Accounting a textbook (English and Russian) for the Commission of the EU, a survey of deceitful business graphics Smoke and Mirrors and Keine Angst vor Methusalem, an analysis of the effects of aging populations in industrialized economies.

Let me share the last evaluation on the Modules he provided this May and June, while we were not aware of his fatal condition. I am convinced that what our students stated in there, express the appreciation what he was doing for all of us.

“Great teacher, great quality of the lecture! It was a pleasure & honour to take this class!”

“Mr. Strange is a very good teacher, with great practical experience and teaching skills. I am highly impressed about him and would like to see him again.”

“Very good course with inspiring teacher.”
“Great lecturer. Absolute must for this programme.”

“It was a very good module. Nick is a great, expanding teacher with a fascination approach.”

“I am amazed by the module and it’s delivery. Quality of the presentation is very high. Level of the experience and knowledge – amazing. Would be great if all lectures would be so well prepared. Well done Nick”

„Thank you!”

„Great classes, inspiring teacher, although the topic itself is difficult”

„Excellent! Thank you!”

“Best module /course yet. Great lecturer. No need for improvements. This is crucial to the whole MBA programme.”

“Very good English. Clarity of explanations.”

Goodby Nick

Thank you very much what you had done for us!

Barbara and MBA Team

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