Piaśnica’s Forests – to remember, to reflect…

Students from 13th MBA edition had a chance to visit Piaśnica’s Forests – the place of mass executions carried out by German occupying forces in the first months of World War II.

Thanks to our guides: PhD Mateusz Maleszka and PhD Mateusz Kubicki from the Institute of National Remembrance, we could learn the tragic history of this place, listen to the silence of the Piaśnica’s Forests and reflect on the universal values that are important for our MBA program: respect, diversity, social commitment.

We want to remember history, learn to be responsible and have the courage to change the world for the better.

For more information about massacre in Piaśnica visit: https://muzeumpiasnickie.pl/en/massacre-in-piasnica

To find out what values we promote in our MBA programme visit: https://mba.pg.edu.pl/discover/#values

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