Everything rises and falls on leadership

John Maxwell

Aleksander Orłowski

Pitching Session, Jury Member

Aleksander Orłowski, university professor, v-ce president of Gdansk Urban Development Association (FRAG), professionally involved in the research and development of the Smart Cities concept, co-author (2016-2017) of Smart City readiness studies of ten leading Polish city offices, author of the book: Process readiness model of the municipal office to reach Smart City (2019). Scholarship holder of the Minister of Science and Higher Education (Scholarship for Outstanding Young Scientists 2016-19), secretary of the Team for Urban and Metropolitan Areas of the National Spatial Development Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences (2019-2023), Member of the team developing the new National Urban Policy, which operates under the aegis of the Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy and the Institute of Urban and Regional Development (group: digitization of city management), have held scientific internships at University of Newcastle Australia, Lebniz University Hannover, Visual Interaction & Communication Technologies VicomTECH San Sebastian.. Consultant of, among others, venture capital funds, local governments, start-ups. Member of organising teams incl. Smart Specialization project for the Pomeranian Voivodeship: Smart Port & City. Author of the “Smart City: Context, Policy and Government” course for students from the Latin America region.

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