Everything rises and falls on leadership

John Maxwell

Małgorzata Bieniaszewska

Business Negotiations and Conflict Resolutions

Małgorzata is an owner and creator of MB Pneumatyka, an automotive company, which after being successfully transformed from a family manufacturing plant into a thriving research and production enterprise, now operates globally. Following Małgorzata’s ideas and implementations, MB Pneumatyka has grown to be one of the three largest European suppliers of pneumatic brake and suspension systems for commercial vehicles as well as for commercial vehicle manufacturers.

She believes that the greatest asset of the company is its team of employees working together. She promotes the idea of business cooperating with the research sector. In the 2018 competition, MB Pneumatyka was awarded an Economic Award in the Family Company category by the President of the Republic of Poland, and Małgorzata was invited to sit on the Entrepreneurship Council at the President of Poland’s Chancellery. In the Council, she chairs the group for small and medium enterprises.

In 2019, during the IAA Commercial Vehicles fair in Hanover, MB Pneumatyka was nominated for the prestigious award of the”Trailer Innovation 2019″ in the Components category. It was the only company from Poland to be included in this category.

She holds a Master’s degree in English Philology from the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, followed by a degree in clinical psychology at the SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Wrocław, and an MBA from the Aalto University.Since mentoring is her passion, she gives lectures at universities,writes articles for trade magazines, and participates in conferences.

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