Everything rises and falls on leadership

John Maxwell

Michał Bojko

Pitching Session, Jury Member

Global Software Engineering leadership
Community Evangelist
Global Talent Management

Michal is an engineering director at Boeing, a leading global aircraft manufacturer. With Michal, Boeing in Poland has grown to 230 software engineers, supporting multiple aviation businesses around the world. He believes that the most precious asset is always people. Every element of the strategy is co-owned by every team member working with Michal.

Michal started as a database maintenance engineer, moving to software engineering, customer maintenance , software design, and system architecture. He had the privilege to be the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for a few years.

Later he took on more leadership roles and supported the big oil companies, national insurance companies, and national railways. Internationally, Michal, as a software engineering leader and P&L leader, worked for BP in the UK, Thomson Reuters in France, the chemistry sector in Romania and Germany, engineering and industrial software in the UK, and air conditioning industry IT services in Central and Eastern Europe.

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