Why study an MBA at a technical university like Gdansk University of Technology?

The MBA (Master of Business Administration) is one of the most respected and popular educational programs in the world for those interested in developing a career in management and business. One of the renowned universities that offers an exceptional MBA program is Gdansk University of Technology. Why should you take an MBA at this university? Here are some key reasons.

1. Combining technical expertise with management:

Gdansk University of Technology is famous for its rich heritage in technical and engineering sciences. An MBA from this university allows you to combine technical knowledge with management skills. This is a unique feature that gives Gdańsk University of Technology MBA graduates an edge in today’s globalized and technologically advanced business world.

2. Possibility to get consultations in different kinds of fields

Gdansk University of Technology employs outstanding lecturers and experts in various fields of management and business. Thanks to their knowledge, experience and practical skills, students receive top-quality education that is directly applicable to business practice.

3. Strong ties with business and industry:

Gdansk University of Technology actively cooperates with industry and the business sector. This enables students to participate in practical projects, internships and partnership programs, which provides them with direct work experience and allows them to learn about real industry challenges.

4. High quality scientific research:

Gdansk University of Technology is known for its advanced scientific research in various fields. The university has strong scientific teams and participates in research projects of national and international importance.

5. Excellent teaching conditions:

The university invests in modern teaching facilities, studios, laboratories, libraries and infrastructure, providing students and employees with the best conditions for learning, research and development. The Technology Transfer Center plays a key role in the commercialization of research results, innovations and technologies developed at the university, with the aim of transforming them into practical solutions used by businesses and society.

6. Information Technology:

The university is investing in the development of IT infrastructure, providing access to high-speed Internet, professional software and applications that support both teaching and research processes. Many research units at Gdansk University of Technology use simulators and virtual reality technologies to simulate various phenomena and processes, allowing students and researchers to improve their skills under controlled conditions. Gdansk University of Technology is involved in developing and testing technologies related to renewable energy, such as wind power plants, photovoltaic power plants and energy storage technologies. The university is developing solutions related to intelligent buildings and infrastructure, which allow efficient management of energy and resources, as well as ensuring the comfort and safety of users. Gdansk University of Technology conducts research and projects in robotics, artificial intelligence and automation, which contributes to the development of innovative solutions in various fields.

7. Various programs for students and employees:

The Start UP School at Gdansk University of Technology is an initiative aimed at students and academics who are interested in entrepreneurship and want to develop their skills in starting and running their own business and commercializing innovative ideas. The Start UP School aims to support and promote academic entrepreneurship by providing practical knowledge, mentoring and support in setting up startups and developing their own business projects. In addition, a Demo Day event is held periodically as part of initiatives to support academic entrepreneurship and startup development. It is an opportunity for students, graduates and academics who are working on innovative business projects to present their ideas in front of a wider audience, including investors, experts, industry representatives and entrepreneurs.

These are just a few of the vast benefits of studying at a technical university. Thanks to these features, Gdansk University of Technology stands out as an institution with a high level of teaching, research and cooperation with business. The university continues the tradition of educating highly qualified specialists who have a real impact on the technological and economic development of the country and the region.

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