26.04.2024 – AMBA Visit

On Friday, April 26, we hosted Victor Hedenberg Association of MBAs Membership Director at the Faculty of Management and Economics.

It was an excellent opportunity to talk about the challenges that executive MBA programs in Poland currently face:

▪ lack of legal regulations regarding the requirements that executive MBA programs must meet,
▪ the appearance of offers that tempt with a low price and the promise of an international curriculum but do not meet the standards of education at the executive level and mislead MBA candidates,
▪ devaluation of executive MBA diplomas through scandals regarding pseudo-MBA programs.

Together with AMBA, we will strengthen activities promoting the value of international accreditations and diplomas with the AMBA logo. We want MBA candidates and employers to receive explicit information regarding the program’s quality.

The AMBA representative also met with students of the Faculty of Management and Economics Management in English master program and MBA Gdańsk University of Technology students. They appreciated the presentation of the platform where current students and graduates of accredited programs can find exclusive content and benefits.

What do MBA students gain from completing an AMBA-accredited degree program?

▪ membership in an exclusive international community of educated managers and business people,
▪ contact with people with similar experiences, perspectives and ambitions,
▪ access to a variety of tools for self-improvement and gaining invaluable knowledge in the context of constant change under the global aspect,
▪ access to the AMBA platform  https://www.associationofmbas.com/ , through which MBA students and graduates can:  

  1. participate in seminars and master classes, webinars and networking evenings, AMBA events held worldwide,
  2. stay up-to-date with innovative business books, reviews and opinions on must-read titles. AMBA members can also enjoy up to a 35% discount on best-selling management books from leading international publishers,
  3. use a wealth of resources, including resume builders, cover letters and elevator pitches,
  4. receive priority access to the website so they can learn about groundbreaking ideas from world-class schools and top business thinkers, practitioners and innovators,
  5. present students’ or alums’ membership with personalized digital badges.

We invite you to register and take advantage of this rich offer: https://lnkd.in/d5AhwuU5.

We would like to thank Victor Hedenberg for his visit and the students for their active participation in the meeting. We would also like to thank you for the additional knowledge about AMBA accreditation, which will enable us to further adapt our program to changing global standards.

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