SHRM Conference – MBA Education for Sustainable Development

Sustainability principles are an essential perspective on strategic and operational business processes. We, as MBA, Inform, Inspire and Involve MBA Gdańsk University of Technology students in various sustainability-related activities.

We also believe managing people in an organization is a critical and most demanding element of leadership.

Beata Krawczyk-Bryłka, PhD, MBA Director, presented the MBA Education for Sustainable Development Model at the SGH international conference: Sustainable Human Resource Management.

The poster focused on the elements of the MBA curriculum that relate to sustainable human capital management, for example:


Managerial Talent Diagnosis – a module based on Extended DISC behavioral analysis, students develop personal competence development paths, paying attention to work-life balance.


Inspirational Safari – a study visit abroad organized by our lecturer Alain Heureux; in 2023, we were in Brussels; in October 2024, we are going to Aarhus in Denmark to learn about entrepreneurial and social initiatives that combine care for people and our planet (more details soon).


Capstone Projects – MBA diploma projects – we successfully encourage students to make their team ventures respond to contemporary challenges of human capital management: inclusion, diversity, burnout, and well-being.

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