Inauguration Ceremony of the XIV Executive MBA Gdańsk Tech cohort!

On Friday 19th November 2021 we welcomed the new 14th cohort of International MBA Students. Discover the Gdańsk Tech MBA inauguration ceremony.

On November 19th, 2021 took place an Inauguration of the Academic Year for the 14th cohort of the International MBA in Strategy, Programme and Project Management at Gdańsk University of Technology. There were present representatives of the university authorities, lecturers, members of the MBA Programme Council, students and alumni!

The inauguration was led by Paweł Ziemiański, PhD. The Ceremony was opened by the Gdańsk University of Technology authorities – Vice-Rector for Scientific Research Prof. Ph.D., D. Sc., Eng. Sławomir Milewski, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Management and Economics: Ph.D., D.Sc. Magdalena Olczyk, Gdańsk Tech professor as well as MBA Director – Beata Krawczyk-Bryłka, PhD.

We are happy to welcome 27 new MBA Students! The XIVth MBA cohort fits perfectly into the features of our programme: it is international (representing various countries: Belarus, Belgium, Brazil, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Rwanda and USA), it is ready to think about strategies in a very broad perspective and to take under consideration different factors shaping the business and social ecosystem. Programme and project management turned out to be an important area of managerial activity for our new students, and during the recruitment interviews they declared that they were hungry for knowledge and would also willingly contribute to the development of the group and share their own business experiences -said MBA Gdańsk Tech Director.

Among the invited guests there were Alumni of MBA’s studies, who shared their experiences with MBA Gdańsk Tech Programme and showed their career path after graduation. Thank you Ewa Szczepkowska, Michele Fiorini, PhD and Jacek Kościukiewicz for coming and sharing your MBA perspective!

We are starting the new edition to increase the value of an educated talent pool, drawing attention to sustainable development. Therefore, the participants of jubilee inauguration had the opportunity to listen the inaugural power speech titled “Do you have what it takes to make your company a climate leader?” given by Anna Desogus (Founder of Circular Together

The private sector has a huge role to play in protecting our climate. Business leaders of the 21st century need to be true climate leaders. They need to embed decarbonisation strategies into the purpose of their companies. For real emission cuts and serious targets, rather than greenwashing, businesses should follow frameworks such as the Science Based Targets Initiative’s Net Zero Standard. Moreover, climate action should be democratized, so that all employees can contribute. Project Drawdown’s publication Climate Solutions at Work is a great guide and a great place to start with – no matter which role and which sector you’re in – said Anna Desogus

Thank you Anna for sharing your expert’s knowledge, projecting the scale of the climate changes and bringing climate inspiration to our daily businesses!

On the occasion of the inauguration of the academic year there were appointed Quality Leads members: Ph.D., D. Sc., Eng. Krzysztof Zięba, Ph.D. Sebastian Wilczewski and Ph.D. Paweł Ziemiański.

During the ceremony, new members of the MBA Advisory Board were also appointed: Ph.D. Michele Fiorini; Małgorzata Jasnoch; Prof. Ph.D., D. Sc., Eng Janusz Nieznański; Ph.D., D.Sc. Magdalena Olczyk; Leszek Pankiewicz; Ewa Szczepkowska; Jan Wyrwiński.

Thank you all participant, all present personally as well as in remote form, for participating and celebrating that day with us!

We consider the new MBA programme for the academic years 2021–2023 to be open.

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