LET’S PLAY the MBA vol.2_recap

And we did it, even on holiday time! On the 5th of August 2021 MBA Students met in person in Faculty of Management and Economic building to move their minds and communication skills not in a common way. Have a look what was going on.

Creativity, commitment, team spirit – this is what the participants of the August’s LET’S PLAY the MBA needed to solve, the task and achievement of a spectacular architectural goal!

The mission was not easy, but we managed! Congratulations to all the participants. To those MBA Students who could not join in the meeting we can only reveal that the inspiration for us was the great Leonardo DaVinci.

We also had the opportunity to get to know each other better and show which of our qualities make us leaders, who can be trusted. Keeping promises, focusing on the goal, appreciating the value of the contribution of other people in the group, openness to relationships and competences are the factors that we considered crucial to building trust.

The next Let’s play the MBA is going to be in September. Let’s get to know each other, let’s develop together!

LET’S PLAY the MBA is a cycle of meetings for students and graduates of International MBA in Strategy, Programme and Project Management at Gdańsk University of Technology program. Each month we plan one meeting that will be an opportunity to integrate our MBA community. Each one has its topic, concerning various areas related to effective leadership but the main part is playing.



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