MBA Creative Evening in Nordea: “Enabling ESG Integration in Banking”

On the 11th of May, 2023 the Gdańsk Tech MBA community had the pleasure of participating in MBA Creative Evening in Nordea. The theme of the meeting was “Enabling ESG Integration in Banking”.

Sustainability issues are deeply integrated with our MBA Program values – we want our MBA Students and Alumni to be environmentally and socially responsible leaders. Sustainable Development is also significant to the Gdańsk University of Technology and the Faculty of Management of Economics. SDGs are inseparable parts of the University and the Faculty strategies. That is why University Authorities were also present at the meeting – Dean of the Faculty of Management and Economics, Prof. Małgorzata Gawrycka, and Vice-Rector for Organization and Development, Prof. Dariusz Mikielewicz.

Together we had the pleasure of listening to an inspirational presentation delivered by Jacob Boesby – an Expert Digital User Experience Specialist in Nordea. We learned how Nordea Bank is integrating ESG in their banking activities and how they implement banking products that benefit society and the environment.

The crucial part of the MBA Creative Evening was the group discussion. Participants were divided into a few groups and resolved the task: How to encourage bank customers to decide on sustainable products. The group work was facilitated by Nordea employees – Luiza Nazaruk and Sebastian Wilczewski, one of MBA Lecturers and Quality Leads. We created a list of solutions that turned out to be universal and suitable not only for the banking sector.

We would like to thank Nordea for organizing the MBA Creative Evening for MBA Community. It is not the first time the Faculty of Management and Economics cooperates with Nordea. We are grateful for the opportunity to have insight into the integration of SGDs in the banking sector. Special thanks to Jacob Boesby for delivering the presentation, and Sebastian Wilczewski and Luiza Nazaruk for organization of the event. We hope for even more cooperation in the future.



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