Offline, Online or Hybrid Education?

Read a short statement by the MBA lecturer Alain Heureux on the word of the year, the present transformation and a life motto!

Some journalists are indicating that the word of 2020 might become “hybrid” as many of us have been challenged in our organisation and operations. I believe Agility, Flexibility and Empathy are more appropriate to describe how our society and resilient people have managed to survive the most challenging year in more than 75 years.

I think Gdańsk University of Technology has also shown its resilience by adapting in some months the entire MBA experience providing the students the opportunity to continue their educational journey. Pitching sessions, online workshops, new pedagogical formats and adapted program schedules were rapidly designed by staff and lecturers throughout an open and transparent dialogue with participants. Learn by Doing remains my personal motto when I train people, and I think we all have learned a lot during the first 9 months of 2020. We, of course, are looking forward to meet and talk whenever possible but in the meantime we are probably the best prepared for the hybrid world of 2021.

Alain Heureux,
International MBA Lecturer

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