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Alain Heureux

Creativity, Innovations & Entrepreneurship 
Change Management and Digital Transformation

Alain Heureux, serial entrepreneur starting his first company in 1984 and still creating companies at the current age of 55. Most companies were and are active in media, marketing, digital and technologies. Parallel to his ventures, Alain has always been active in associations and self-regulation working closely with the European Institutions and the Industries.
In 2010, he opened one of the first Incubators in Brussels hosting more than 60 starters from the creative industries as well as hosting events from corporates and institutions (The Egg Brussels&Pepibru). Alain founded several non-for-profits to promote the Creative Economy in Belgium ( www.brusselscreative.be) and throughout Europe (www.creativering.eu) but also some Charities connected with some private causes namely Little Hearts (orphanage in Cambodia) and Action Parkinson (activities for Paris in Brussels).

Since 2017, Alain is CEO of Virtuology Academy helping people to develop their talents, helping entrepreneurs to succeed their projects, helping business leaders to adapt their management style but also helping organisations to change.  Training and Coaching people and companies to become more Creative, more Innovative and more Agile are the main focus points off his expertise.  Alain is also proud to teach professionals within the MBA program of the Gdansk University of Technology but also for the Aspire Academy in Brasov and for UNIT.City in Kiev.

The Module Creativity, Disruptive Innovation and Business Modelling

Finding an idea is a process and making a business from your idea is a long journey. This 3-days module will connect you with tools helping you to develop a sustainable and scalable project as an entrepreneur or intrapreneur.  You will be working in teams, under pressure and delivering several assignments.  You will be pitching regularly towards other teams.  The Module is designed like a Startup Sprint Bootcamp. Design Thinking, Business Model Canvas or Pimentomap will be some of tools used during an hands-on way of training. Flipped classroom and peer-to-peer learning principles are essential to succeed.

Change and Digital Transformation

Understanding Digital Business Strategies and Transforming the Innovation Culture will highlight how to make existing Corporate organisations future-proof. This 3-days module will help you to understand Innovation, to develop a Strategic frame for Innovative projects using the Job-to-be-Done methodology of Professor HBS Clayton Christensen, and to see how you can use Innovation to transform your organisation but also how to maintain disruption within your teams.  During two days we will be working collectively but during the last day, we will work again in teams applying the learnings to one Corporate example.


An articles about the classes

Discover master classes with MBA lecturer – Alain Heureux

Creativity, Innovations & Entrepreneurship

MBA XI edition classes – discovering FabLab at GUT

Creativity, Innovations & Entrepreneurship
Change Management and Digital Transformation


XIV International MBA Inauguration Ceremony

We are honoured to announce that the inauguration of the academic year of the International MBA in Strategy, Programme and Project Management studies of the XIV edition will take place on the 19th of November 2021.


MBA Programme Office

Faculty of Management and Economics, Gdańsk University of Technology
Traugutta Street 79, room 404
80-233 Gdańsk, Poland
phone: +48 58 348 63 55
phone: +48 517 849 332
e-mail: mba@zie.pg.edu.pl

MBA Director

PhD Beata Krawczyk-Bryłka
phone: +48 58 348 61 75
e-mail: mbadirector@pg.edu.pl

MBA Programme Coordinator for Admission


Ewa Łusiak-Sobolewska
phone: +48 509 698 611
e-mail: e-mail: els@zie.pg.edu.pl




Gdańsk, Poland


Berlin 503 km
Vilnius 571 km
Stockholm 626 km
Minsk 743 km
Bratislava 930 km
Kiev 1104 km
Moscow 1444 km
Madrid 2833 km
Beijing 6965 km


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