MBA session at the premises of Nordea in Gdynia

The “Effective Business Communication” module,  which took place between 19th and 21st January 2018, lived and breathed the values of diversity in a number of ways.

Even at a very basic level, different venues were used, with the first day spent in the building of the Faculty of Management and Economics, and the following two days at the premises of Nordea in Gdynia. This was made possible by Nastassia Halich, who ensured that the organization of the two Gdynia days was flawless, with everyone welcomed. Instructor diversity was assured by the presence of  two trainers: Bob Dignen, a consultant and coach from York (United Kingdom), and Paweł Ziemiański, Ph.D. from Gdańsk University of Technology (Poland), both focusing strongly on different approaches to handling key communication challenges faced by managers in contemporary complex organizations. Most importantly, the module was primarily aimed to develop the skills of participants to engage with diversity effectively, to build trust and engagement with diverse stakeholders, to drive results in a collaborative and innovative manner.  Participant diversity, offering a variety of backgrounds and expert insights,  also provided a huge resource for people to share and exchange best practice, enabling them to grow their professional networks and inspire each other to achieve more in the future for themselves and their organizations.

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