Second time on Baltic Study Trip of Finnish students in Gdańsk

On 13-16 January 2020, for the second time the MBA GUT Programme hosted students attending the one-year Leadership Programme at Tampere University of Technology, Finland. The students – directors and managers at Finnish companies – represented various sectors: Energy, Metal Industry, Retail, Higher Education, Real Estate, Information Technology.

Throughout their stay, the students participated in lectures and workshops on Managerial and Sales Talent Development delivered by MBA GUT lecturer Beata Krawczyk-Bryłka, PhD. They also had the opportunity to visit the Immersive 3D Visualization Lab located at GUT, which the participants especially enjoyed. The lab allowed them to experience virtual reality, first-hand, thanks to the visualisations in a dedicated room – the cubic virtual reality cave and spherical walk simulator.

In this year, the key point of the programme was a discussions with business practitioners at the headquarters of the most prosperous Polish companies.

The first company was Jeppesen, a Boeing Company located in Gdansk. The company offers operations planning tools, navigational information, flight planning products and software. The students met with the Chairman of the Board and with four other specialists that presented innovative mechanism for aircraft wings and familiarized students with Jeppesen global operations.

The next visited company was Flex located in Tczew – one of the largest global electronics manufacturing services and original design manufacturer. The group met with the Development Director and became acquainted with the entire production process by going along the Electronic and Mechanical Hall.

On the last day, the Finnish guests visited General Electric in Elbląg. They  had the opportunity to meet representatives from several company’s departments: Sales and Operations Planning, Tender, Manufacturing and to learn about their day work and challenges. As the last point, the group was guided in a production hall where all turbines are made. There they get acquainted how the processes are managed with the use of Lean Management concept.

An integral part of the study trip was a lesson on the history of Solidarity, II World War and sightseeing in Gdańsk – the most attractive European city in 2018 according to TripAdvisor.

It was very interesting to see the wonderful old town and to hear about the history of Gdansk. Participants were surprised how beautiful and clean the city of Gdansk was. We also had the chance to visit European Solidarity Centre and the World War II Museum. The participants thought that the museums were very educating and skillfully designed tells Tanja Mönkkönen, Project Manager, Tampere University Special thanks to MBA GUT staff Barbara and Pawel for making this visit to Gdansk possible as well as thanks to Jeppesen, Flex and General Electric for openness and warm welcome!

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