MBA Capstone Projects on Demo Day 2022 at Gdańsk University of Technology

On 14th of June 2022 for the first time Demo Day took place at Gdańsk University of Technology. This event is organised by the StartUp School in Gdańsk and  connects young start-ups with business and potential investors. The event was the official finial of the first stage of pre-incubation program realized by the StartUp School.

During this year’s Demo Day 15 start-up projects were presented in the form of 5 minutes pitch. Three MBA Capstone Project teams awarded during MBA Pitching Session for very high business maturity had the opportunity to take part in the event.

The first MBA Capstone Project was parQj. It is an innovative idea that brings value for parking space owners and drivers by simple application. Its aim is to solve the problem with lack of parking spaces in residential areas. The team that consists of four XIII MBA Cohort Students showed their greatest invention by preparing a lot of professional marketing materials including roll-ups and brochures for the audience.

The next XIII MBA Cohort team presented during the Demo day is the EatedApp. This application is the answer for well-known people’s problem with eating habits. The tool is going to help the user to eat healthy and sustainably while taking care also about mental health. The app would include the conversational Health Advocate which task is to motivate and advise.

The third MBA Capstone Project was presented by the team of MBA XI Edition Alumni. Be.Heard Academy is the project dedicated to youth. Its aim is to help young people to develop their communication skills with the usage of various forms: board game, meetings, online gamification, workshops, camps and educational aids. During the event the team presented the prototype of the board game, which they already tested in schools.

We congratulate to our MBA Capstone Project Teams as well as all teams who presented during the Demo Day event. MBA’s projects enjoyed the great interest among the audience. The projects represent not only the business value, but are also valuable for the society and local community. We are proud that MBA Student’s ideas are compatible with our motto – MBA is not only the education, but the values we bring together.

Photos: StartUp School’s materials



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