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Day 2
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“Measure twice. Cut once.” 

Fab Lab Barcelona

May 21, 2019

Barcelona has become a favourite destination amongst the leading European innovation circles. It is popular with high-tech start-ups in areas such as hardware, IoT, VR, big data, fintech, health and biotech. These industries are rapidly positioning Barcelona as a European start-up, innovation and tech hub. On day two, the MBA students saw how innovators are hacking reality to make their way towards disruption.

Cyborg world

At this point, the world of innovation changed from theory to reality. The last visit of the day brought an unexpected meeting with cyborgs – people equipped with additional electronic senses through hi-tech devices that use current technology.
These three people-cyborgs are Neil Harbisson, Manel Muñoz and Moon Ribas. All are members of Cyborg Foundation and Transpecies Society based in Barcelona, which offers workshops specialized in the design and creation of new senses and organs.

Discover them in the short video.

IAAC: Institute for advanced architecture for Catalonia – Fab Lab Barcelona

Fab Lab Barcelona is part of the IAAC, where it supports educational and research programs related to the multiple scales of the human habitat. It is also the headquarters of the global Fab Academy program in collaboration with the Fab Foundation. Fab Lab Barcelona is developing projects from smart devices for data collection by individuals, the development of the new generation of Fab Labs in the Green Fab Lab project, and new production models for cities with the Fab City project.

Herraiz Soto

Herraiz Soto is an independent creative agency based in Barcelona with a digital DNA. Founded in 1997, it is considered a pioneer in the field of interactive advertising. The MBA students received tips on how to embrace change in the design business, how to adapt to this change, and the crucial priorities in the creative agency.


Watch the 2-minute summary of the study visit in Barcelona:



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