How to get an MBA degree? You will find the answer at the Gdańsk University of Technology

Many want, little can. Why? Knowledge in the MBA program is at the executive level so you should demonstrate managerial experience.

Are you considering a career to pursue an expert or gain a new qualification? Are you wondering if you can give the MBA degree and is it worth it in college? The MBA program at the Gdańsk University of Technology in Gdańsk allows you to obtain the title of Master in Business Management. They are not for graduate studies, but for executives. MBA studies in Gdańsk and the MBA title itself are usually associated with knowledge, experience and prestige. However, executive studies are becoming more and more popular and the reasons for undertaking them are different. There are related to the desire to develop a career but also meeting new people from different branches –  networking. The Faculty of Management and Economics of the Gdańsk University of Technology offers education at postgraduate MBA studies in a full-time, remote and hybrid system – depending on the epidemiological situation and willingness of students of the MBA program at the University of Technology. Find out more whether it is worth taking MBA studies in Gdańsk and choose a program at one of the oldest, autonomous state universities in Poland.

MBA program at university of technology – yes, this is for me!

If you have already carried out an analysis and you are determined to start MBA studies in Gdańsk, then as an experienced manager you have taken into account various factors that, in addition to your interests in a given field, may affect the decision on the MBA program. Executive MBA is a topic that raises many doubts related to the method of recruitment for studies, finances or hopes for further career after graduation. Is it worth taking MBA studies? There may be several reasons for taking this step:

  • expanding knowledge in a selected field (management, financial analytics, self-presentation)
  • improving skills in program and project management
  • improving your professional qualifications,
  • willingness to run your own business

However, you can also pursue these goals outside the MBA program at the University of Technology. So why is it worth deciding to start applying for the Executive MBA title in Gdańsk? If you started developing in business after graduation, the MBA program will enable you to continue these activities under the supervision of a mentor who will supervise and supervise your development. The MBA title is also prestige, which can translate into better employment opportunities, promotion or higher earnings.

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