We are Agile… and not only!

MBA Program in Gdańsk offers more than other management’s studies in Poland.

International MBA Programme since the beginning is open to new trends and approaches. With ongoing programms we have been through different types of managing methodologies which were at that time the most wanted. Aiming to meet the expectations of changing needs of our Students we have decided to add to the International MBA Programme a specialisation of certificates choice.

Besides many scientific disputes and voices there are still ongoing two main approaches:

  • Agile which is more suitable for self-managing teams, especially working remotely and from different areas, today used widely by IT sector and is more commonly used in other industries
  • Waterfall approach which is still much appreciated by classic industries like construction, different type of industries with crew on site or some sort of accountancy leaders

Our objective to create such a choice was „you know better your sector, you know better your company, finally you know better your work and yourself – you choose what is the most convenient to you”.

However we do not leave our Students alone with this decision. The module PM Mindset Guidance by Ph.D. Sebastian Wilczewski was designed to help to get familiar with two upper (and not only) methodologies at least a months before taking a final selection.

„PM Mindset Guidance classes will help students to understand agile and waterfall approach for project management, to decide which is the best for their companies or even develop own hybrid approach if needed. This strategic decision will be taken basing on the practical knowledge and case studies done during the classes” – Ph.D. Sebastian Wilczewski.

Actually Gdańsk Tech Programme is enabling you to choose between two methodologies and approaches: Agile and Prince 2. We are proud of our Students from XI and XII editions who are right after their modules and certifications exams – congratulations for passing it!

If you want to grow together and be a part of programming your MBA journey in Gdansk, you should join us this autumn. XIV MBA edition is waiting for you!

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